Online Privacy and Accessibility Policies

Everyone who participates in CONfabulation online events is subject to our Code of Conduct.

By registering for CONfabulation events, online or in-person, you affirm that you will be 18 years old on or before the day of the event.

With prior express permission of all presenters, audio from all programming will be recorded and available to listen to at a later date. No video will be recorded. You will be notified of any recording in progress when you join a program, and all programs that will be recorded will be indicated as such on the schedule. If you do not wish to have your voice recorded, you may type any questions into the Zoom chat for presenters to read aloud with your badge name attached. You may request them to be read anonymously if desired.

CONfabulation does not permit any recording of members—audio, video, or photographs—without the permission of everyone in the recording. By attending these programs, you are consenting to be recorded by CONfabulation.

You may not republish another person's written comments from the CONfabulation Discord or Zoom chat without the writer's express permission. You may paraphrase discussion or share unattributed "overheard" comments, but connecting someone's written or spoken comments with their name or social media handle without their express permission will be treated as a violation of this policy.

We have tried to make the CONfabulation online spaces as secure as is practical, but we cannot guarantee privacy to the degree we can in an offline space. We ask attendees to be especially respectful of each other's names, pseudonyms, and personal information. Use one consistent badge name as your Zoom and Discord handle; use badge names when introducing yourself or referring to other congoers in Discord or Zoom chat or in Zoom meetings.

If during the convention you have concerns about your privacy, or about any other behaviour that contravenes the Code of Conduct—or that you’re concerned about for some other reason—you can get in touch with the Con Comm. There will be a Con Comm volunteer on duty in the Discord server during all hours of scheduled programming during the convention. You can @mods in Discord with any questions or issues; if you'd rather have a private discussion, you can reach out to the Con Comm at and someone will get back to you.

CONfabulation strives to provide an accessible environment for all attendees, online as well as in person. We ask all attendees to help create this environment by following these guidelines for program participation: Keep your microphone muted when you are not speaking. All participants will be muted by default upon entering the Zoom meeting. If you have a question or comment, use the chat to raise your hand and the moderator will call on you in the order the question was received.

All programming will have a slide with program information and links to our policies shared onscreen at the start of the program. Presenters may choose to use any additional slides as part of their presentation, but it is not required.

Presenters taking a high volume of questions and comments—for example, prompts for a game—may ask audience members to use the chat exclusively, and read selected comments aloud. If you are planning to use additional screen-sharing beyond the intro slide as a moderator, consider making any slides or handouts available for download before the panel starts.

Panels using screen-sharing are strongly encouraged to audibly describe the materials being shown, and all panels are encouraged to audibly describe any aspects of the panel that would not be apparent to someone participating via audio only.

(Adapted from the WisCONline Privacy and Safety policies.)