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CONfab 2023 In-Person Schedule Is Live!
20 Sep 2023, 10:17 p.m.

The schedule for our in-person convention in October (the 19th through the 22nd) is now live! Head on over to our website to check out all of the details. You can register for the con right here on conline. If you want more details about registration, the hotel, or our COVID policy, these can be found at the following links:

Welcome to CONfab 2023!

CONfabulation is a celebration of fandom with panels and structured events. We are the internet in all its glory, come to life. We are a place to get together with old friends, discover new ones, and talk about everything that makes us squee.

Our mission is to bring together a diverse group of internet-based media fans in an inclusive environment to engage in fannish activities and foster meaningful connections. We aim to provide programming created and led by attendees, on topics drawn from a variety of sources and involving everything from detailed meta to wildly creative fanworks, encompassing all aspects of fandom culture.

CONfab 2023 will be held in Chicago on October 19-22!

Online Privacy and Accessibility Policies

Everyone who participates in CONfabulation online events is subject to our Code of Conduct, including the Online Privacy and Accessibility Policies. Please click on the full policy for more details.