CONfab Vid Show Warnings Policy

Convention-wide Warnings

Convention-wide warnings are content notes that CONfabulation requires for vids screened at the official vid show. In instances where vid content seemed borderline or very brief, the vid show committee erred on the side of including the warning. 

While every attempt is made to ensure that warnings are complete and accurate, we may not be familiar with all vid sources represented. As such, warnings are provided based on the content of the vid and may not capture the broader context of the source material. Also, please note that sexual content is not warned for. CONfab is an 18+ convention.

The following convention-wide warnings are currently in effect.

Blood: On-screen visual of blood.

Brief Medical Gore: Brief amount of blood and/or viscera.

Character Death: On-screen death, includes both major and minor characters.

Epilepsy warning: Stuttery or quick cuts and/or strobing lights or bright flashes.

Graphic Violence: Depictions of extreme violence.

Spoilers: Clips used in vid contain spoilers for the media.